10 Common Misconceptions about Mobile Device Batteries

Written by John Bergstein

Perhaps you have encounter a couple of old-school customers with old ideas on how to treat smartphone batteries? Below are some misconceptions worth debunking.

Ah, the mobile battery – a factor of myth, of legend… of frustration. A lot sway does battery existence hold over us that people buy specific phones that guarantee us a few days’ usage. And every one of this when other products can eke out a week’s price of usage (think Amazon . com Kindle).

Customers visit some strange measures to have their batteries going on and on on and on. Yet a lot of what we should learn about mobile batteries just isn’t true. Let us examine a few of these myths concerning the batteries that energy the products we rely upon day in and day trip.

1: Batteries have “memory”


Not a chance. Not whatsoever. People once thought that you simply needed to “train” your battery to make certain it might go ahead and take most charge. To achieve that, people would drain it regularly and charge it — and they might never hook it up if this was 50 plusPercent. The idea was that with time, battery would create a memory and permit only a number of the charge. This isn’t true. In case your battery reaches 80%, top that baby off. Frequent charges is going to do no harm to your battery.

2: Off-brand chargers will damage your battery


Even though some off-brand battery chargers aren’t optimal (and a few even take more time to charge battery), they’re not going to harm it, as lengthy because the charger is working correctly. What this means is it’s perfectly okay to operate to focus on and purchase that cheap charger to exchange the factory charger that included your phone. The main one exception to this is actually the charger that shipped together with your Android Turbo. Make certain, when searching for a alternative, you discover one made particularly for your device otherwise, you will not benefit from the 15-minute charge time that provides eight hrs of usage.

3: Charging your phone overnight will damage your battery

False. Most mobile phones are actually “wise” enough to understand whenever a battery reaches capacity and can stop charging. However, there’s one factor that you can do to increase the existence of the battery. Rather than charging your phone through the night, every evening, try ensure that is stays billed between 40% and 80% more often than not. This can make sure the longest possible existence from that battery. If you’re able to let it rest unplugged overnight (once in awhile), achieve this.

4: Don’t use your phone while it charges


People appear to consider that utilizing a phone although it charges may have an adverse effect on the standard of charge battery will get. But unless of course you are utilizing a low-quality knock-off charger, this isn’t remotely true. Your battery charges you not surprisingly whether you apply the device. Consider it by doing this. With mobile phones, odds are the only method there’s no syncing of information (in some way) is that if the phone is off. So even if you aren’t literally making use of your phone, your phone is applying your phone and knowledge has been synced. So proceed and employ that phone although it charges.

5: Turning off your phone can damage your battery

Nah. There is not the smallest truth for this. Obviously, should you leave your phone off to have an long time, battery will drain (this is the character of batteries). But it’s perfectly fine to seal that device off every every now and then. You may also shut the unit off and (if relevant) take away the battery if you want. No harm can come towards the battery. Actually, for many products, an easy reboot will help restore battery functionality. So despite the fact that that Android device runs perfectly fine day in and day trip, provide a rest occasionally.

6: You should always charge your phone to full before first using it


Lots of people believe that the very first factor they ought to do with a brand new smartphone is hook it up and charge it to 100%. This is just a myth. Remember, smartphone batteries perform best between 40% to 80%, and also, since most phones ship at half capacity, you ought to be all set as they are. Like a side note: Should you turn on your brand-new smartphone the very first time and also the battery is below 40%, you might like to consider taking it back because that battery is quite old.

7: Putting your battery in the freezer will extend its life


I recall that in the 80s, we placed batteries within the freezer for a while to get a little more existence from them. It did not work then also it will not work now. Actually, Li-Ion batteries are adversely impacted by both warmth and cold. 70 degrees is definitely the very best temperature for the smartphone battery. Remember, individuals products already get hot, so you don’t need to expose these to extra warmth — and cold is definitely an enemy of Li-Ion batteries.

Also, make certain you store your device somewhere with air flow. My spouse accustomed to place her phone inside a sealed plastic baggie when she road her mtb. Yes, it is good to avoid moisture from engaging in the unit. But sealing everything warmth in will affect both phone and also the battery. A thing of caution: Warmth is a lot more harmful to batteries than cold is.

8: Using the internet will run down the battery faster than anything else


Not the case.- The only most draining factor that you can do in your smartphone is gaming. The graphics engines are massive energy drainers. Should you game a great deal in your products, dim the screen around you are able to while playing (if you wish to extend your battery existence). But when you are able to play that game while charging, proceed and that screen at full brightness.

* This is dependent upon what you’re online for. If you are viewing videos through YouTube, online gaming, or doing other graphics-intensive activities, it’ll drain your battery faster.

9: Turning off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS will prolong your battery


In and of itself, this is false. The only time these services actually drain your battery is if they are in use. So having Bluetooth turned on, when you’re not using a Bluetooth device, isn’t going to drain your battery any more than having Wi-Fi on when you’re not accessing the network. Yes, they may pull an insignificant amount of energy from your battery, but they will not drain it over the course of a day. If you’re really concerned about getting as much life as possible from your battery, dim your screen.

10: Task managers help prolong your battery life


Around I personally don’t like to state it, third-party task managers do nothing at all for battery existence the built-in system can’t handle. Yes, individuals task managers can whitelist/blacklist tasks. But ultimately, they don’t strengthen your battery anymore compared to built-in system. You might like to use a task manager to higher take control of your apps, try not to think that third-party manager will extend the existence of the battery much better compared to default tool.

A much better approach

Smartphone batteries and smartphone use of individuals energy cells improve each year. But individuals old-school (and a few “new school”) myths must die out. With only the smallest consideration, your battery can last a very long time.

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