5 Cool iPhone VR Apps and Games

Written by Umair

The Mobile games and apps were enough to make anyone go awestruck. But only the best mobile app development company has able to produce apps for the VR technology. The advent of VR technology in the masses has changed the complete experience of smartphones apps and games. These VR headgears and gadgets are so incredible that it can give you the real life experience and you would feel that you are in a completely different surroundings.

But to experience all this, you need the right knowledge of apps and games because developing anything for VR is quite a complex method and you cannot afford to buy an app which is not up to the mark of your expectations.

That is why in this article, I am going to tell you about those 5 cool iPhone VR apps and games that can make your life much more interesting with your VR headset and iPhone.

VR Roller Coaster:

Now there is no need to go to any amusement park to have a roller coaster ride because you can do this with your VR headset and iPhone. The roller coaster was one of the first experiments conducted on the VR headsets. Though after many years, you can get one of the most mesmerizing and unforgettable experiences on the VR headset. If you want to get the same experience, then the VR roller coaster app is available at the Apple app store for free.


You may have a built-in YouTube app on your iPhone. But the YouTube that I am talking about is solely for the 360-degree videos and it has a lot of videos too. Since the commercial use of the 360-degree cameras, people have started shooting 360-degree videos and uploading it to the platform like YouTube 360 to give the VR headset users a unique experience.

Zombie Shooter VR:

Every gamer is waiting for the zombie apocalypse to exercise all his drills that he had learned from different zombie games. Though the zombie apocalypse seems to be not possible in reality, in the virtual reality it already has occurred. The Zombie Shooter VR game is a hair-raising and horror genre game which will make you feel like that you are stuck in a city full of zombies and now has to fight your life out of it.

Final Kick VR:

For those who are soccer / football fans, the VR has just made them possible to play football right in their living room. The Final Kick VR is one of the best VR based games available on the internet for the iPhone users. The Final Kick is a game in which you take the free kicks and penalty kicks. The only method of aiming your target is to use the movement of your head and then kick the ball by using the joystick.

Fractal Combat X:

The fighter jet simulation game has always been the most favorite games of the masses. It is also available in the VR now. The Fractal Combat X is one of the most famous iPhone VR based game that you can easily find on the internet.

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