5 Techniques To Improve SEO Performance?

SEO Performance
Written by yasir creep

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of internet marketing and promotion. If you are running an online website, venture or business then it is very important to have good SEO services in order to stay in top rankings, search results. Knowing the stiff competition among e-Commerce portals it is very important to check your SEO tools and techniques periodically. It is always better to upgrade a few or follow trending tricks that will help you to expand your online presence and traffic. Hence, My Web Agent, a leading SEO Company in Melbourne, brings 5 hottest and result-proven SEO techniques which will surely help you to gain momentum without losing out on anything.


  • Put Focus On keywords: Keywords play a crucial role on search results. Online viewers have plethora of keywords while searching anything on Google. Hence, start thinking from users perspective and put those keywords into your strategy in order to improve the ratings. Make a list of strategic keywords.
  • Have Interesting Content On Board: Content is the king today which will surely take you places. If you are having amazing, interesting and highly relevant content then chances of being on the first page are very high. Along with that, add important keywords in the content. You will be requiring HTML text which Google reads on your page.
  • Optimize your page titles: Don’t forget to optimize each and every page by putting HTML tag which defines your website’s title and have brief description. Just keep them under 70 characters along with important keywords. Also, you can put your company name below.
  • Keep a track on visitors & leads: Don’t wait for a miracle to happen, rather pull up your socks and plan out the things. Consider every strategy and check its output after a week or so. See whether you are getting good results from the previous keywords and strategy. If not then work on the new strategy with the help of Google Webmaster Tools. Along with that, you can also consideer Google Universal Analytics for measuring traffic and performance.
  • Don’t Neglect Social Media: Today, social media sites have become an important and inexpensive tool for promotion so don’t forget to use them for easy promotion. You can easily improve your ratings and online viewership of your website by using them. Set up social media pages on Google+, FaceBook, and Twitter etc. Engage with the audience in order to reach out all over the world in a one go.
  • Pay attention to the Listings: It is essential to check the performance of your company periodically on all search engines. Hence, don’t forget to check your pages and their listings timely. Many search engines now offer country wise versions of search engines which filter sites by domain name. If you are following any specific search engine or domain name then get in touch with search engine so that they can manually include your site.

So, follow these quick SEO tips in order to increase ratings, readership and search engine results of your website. For more internet marketing tools and techniques, follow My Web Agent in Melbourne.

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