7 Proven Trends to get Backlinks and Increase Your Traffic

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It is common knowledge that backlinks play a huge role in a website’s prominence in major search engine results including goggle. Thus bloggers are often persuaded to come up with web content all to enhance backlink to them. This has however proven to be less efficient because as true as it may seem, it requires almost a lifetime to hit the desired thousands of visitors. After a long time, however, websites with high domain authority should opt in for the kind of services Loving DA offers, check it out and thank me later.

In this pierce I will gladly show you smart, efficient and proven trends to get backlinks with just a little time and energy:

Point 1- Start answering questions on Quora

Quora remains one of the leading platforms to gain and share knowledge on a question-for-answer basis. With thousands, even millions of questions unanswered, all you need to do is search for keywords which match your industry and give the best convincing answers to as many questions as possible.

For example, if we try this keyword “cryptocurrency” I am able to see various inquiries about cryptocurrency.

Note- You must respond only to the best questions concerned with the best answers, with as much detail as possible. If there are any helpful articles or blog posts on your website to support your answer you may link to it ONLY when it is required to avoid spamming.

Point 2- Always aid a reporter

This is undoubtedly a less stressful method for a blogger to get a wider audience, as you can potentially earn yourself some free publication.  An easy method of doing this is making the best use of Haro is a site where journalist goes to seek help; they post questions hoping to fetch useful information. In return, you may find your answer published on news websites or info platforms such as

However you won’t be able to generate numerous links from this site, but the few links generated will be able to drive enormous traffic because the site is connected to other prominent websites.

Point 3- Repair broken links leading to related contents

As part of this step, you will need to first find broken links. This exercise is otherwise known as “broken link building” could be painstaking as only a few websites are willing to fix them, however, a simplified web tool known as Broken Link Finder can easily find with keywords for your industry to generate resource pages with lists of the broken links. The tool requires money but may be worth the cost to boost your sites rankings.

Point 4- Engage in interactive forums

If you haven’t been using various interactive or marketing forums to build links, then you are certainly losing out!

Websites such as warrior forum and with a huge average of visits per minute will not be a bad spot to drop at least one link, obviously most websites would not want you to spam them so the basic necessary rule applies; give your best detailed answer as much as possible and only drop a link when it is absolutely relevant.

Point 5- Inter linking top website

This is a quite fascinating strategy to get people to naturally backlink to you. What is required of you is to link to other top sites within your own content to create a good network of a link, a practical example could be creating a blog post tilted “affiliate marketing” that cites/links to various top websites by reference. The next step is to get an email address of someone who works on each of the websites, or obtain an email address from the contact page of each site, and send an e-mail containing compliments to the host website, explaining how it helped in one of your latest blog post (input your website name) and also requesting the favor of tweeting it out. By doing this, the website who tweets your post will bring more visitors to your website, and some may eventually end up linking back to you.

Point 6- Round-up posts

Round-up posts make up some of the most popular and linked-to posts on the internet. All you need to do here is simply search for a handful of experts in your field, preferably 50, and email them asking at least one question (this increases the chance that they’ll respond). You may, however, include a fair deadline in those e-mails and send to as many experts as possible so as to get a handful of responses. These posts will bring you a lot of visitors from social media websites, and some will end up linking back to you. This email should, however, include these key phrases: “….I just wanted to thank you for participating in the expert round-up on (insert name of the topic of the round-up)…….You can find the post at (insert URL) and I’ve also included a link to your website……Feel free to tweet it out and share it with your following”

Point 7- Tracking your competitors’ links

Many backlink tools can offer to do this, but only a few are genuine and up-to-date. Cognitive SEO remains one of the most highly recommended. It has the ability to show you who recently linked to your competition, which can be an invaluable asset. All you have to do is click “Fresh Links” within the dashboard, and the job is done. Using that information, create a list of those sites, and send an email with any or all of the key phrases:

“….I was just going through your post on (insert the post title and its link) and noticed that you didn’t link to (insert your URL) I’m not sure if you are familiar with it, but it can teach your readers about (insert the value you want the readers to get)….. I just thought I would mention it to you because you linked to (insert competitor’s URL), but you forgot to mention (put your URL).”

This strategy should be able to generate some quick and effectual links for your site.


In conclusion, writing great contents and article alone, without the desired audience, will not generate backlinks. Thus, in a bid to generate traffic, a blogger needs to be a vigilante, smart, and resourceful. A bold first step is to put in practice these 7 proven techniques, and hopefully, gain an increase in referral traffic.


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