Backlink Building: Does Domain Authority Matter?

Domain Authority
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Many people interested in the world of SEO usually have a lot of questions when it comes to Domain Authority. No wonder there is a growing debate as to whether domain authority should be factored in when determining high-quality links and those links that add no value to your site. Now, it’s time we shed more light on the hot topic in the realm of backlink building and domain authority.

What’s Backlink Building & Domain Authority?

Before we delve into the cool stuff, what the heck is domain authority and backlink building? For starters, backlinks are web pages that link back to your site. This is one key metric used by search engines when ranking websites given that it indicates the amount of organic traffic you are getting from the strong sites in the interwebs.

Domain Authority on the other hand refers to a metric used to predict website domain rank in search engines. In fact, according to SEOmoz glossary, “Domain Authority represents SEOmoz’s best prediction about how a website will perform in search engine rankings” and it is calculated by “combining all of our other link metrics (linking root domains, number of total links, mozRank, mozTrust, etc.) into one single score.”

Now, do High Domain Authority Backlinks really matter?

Toxic Links and How They Are Determined

To answer this let’s first look into what are known as toxic links. These are those links which are categorized as manipulative by Search Engines. For instance, these may be links targeted at subverting the rank algorithms or those links from places like porn sites on the web. Studies have shown that the likes of Google use lots factors to determine whether a link is toxic but the key to the algorithm are:
Relevance-Google penalizes sites with backlinks from other web pages with unrelated content
Anchor Text-Studies have shown that backlinks with a huge percentage of money keywords would tend to be penalized

Domain Authority Doesn’t Necessarily Show Link Quality

Although domain authority is vital when link building, it may not necessarily determine if your backlinks are penalized or not. Think of it this way: Domain Authority doesn’t necessarily relate to anchor text and the relevance of content which are vital in what is referred to as Penguin penalties. Moreover, domain authority doesn’t indicate the use of the links i. e if they are used to benefit the user or if it they are used for SEO purposes.

Gaining Domain Authority

That said, getting links from authorities will certainly help you speed the time you will take to also boost your authority. The key here is to have a very smart strategy to get proper backlinks from the right domain authority. In other words, try picking a domain authority that rarely links out by doing some bit of research. Of course, this is easier said than done but you can find out some of the sites that are already getting backlinks from the authority then you can analyze them and work to emulate them.


In a nutshell, domain authority can be a great asset in the world of SEO but it may be as useful when determining the backlinks to remove and which ones to keep.

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