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Best Android Apps of 2015

Written by John Bergstein

Searching to find the best Android apps is really a daunting task. Whether you are searching for an e-mail application or perhaps a file manager, you will find always hundreds of well-ranked ones available – that is both a blessing along with a curse. At Opencalls, we’ve spent years curating the very best apps for each specific purpose, and we have now put together them for the visitors. We continuously update this site as frequently as possible with links towards the best Android apps available. This is exactly what we have got to date.

Best alternatives to Google Play

The very first factor you need to know is the fact that Google Play isn’t the only place you will get Android apps. Sure, it is the greatest and also the most official, but you will find plenty of apps available that never quite managed to get to Google Play or that merely exist elsewhere (such as the Amazon . com application store for instance).

The most popular Google Play Store alternative application is SlideMe, and you’ll discover a lot of awesome, hands-selected apps which have been individually examined and approved. Now that’s something you may never get in the Play Store.


Best offline Android apps

When you do not have a Wi-Fi or data connection it’s past too far to download one. We have got the the best of offline apps for Android for the offline enjoyment. One of the best offline Android apps of is Pocket, and offline readers application that saves text and pictures for reading through afterwards. Forget about book-marking, link discussing or copy pasting when you have Pocket in your wallet.


Best Android lock screen apps

Lock screen apps are awesome – that you can do things in your smartphone or tablet without needing to unlock it. From checking notices, calendar memory joggers, music controls, skipped calls, Quick Settings and much more, Next Lock Screen allows you seize control of the locked phone. Next may even suggest apps according to where you are.


Best messenger apps on Android

Without having that one already, we’d be amazed. WhatsApp features within our best Android messenger apps list for a lot of reasons, including group chats, an excellent interface not to mention the truth that everybody uses it. It’s essentially the default smartphone texting application.


Best Android browser

Dolphin Browser is among the best Android browsers you will get. It’s free, it appears great, it arrives with a lot of features, also it supports Adobe Expensive Player – the multimedia player that simply will not die.


Best Android camera apps

Camera360 Ultimate made its way onto good Android camera apps list since it houses a lot of features, including over 200 filters, NFC photo discussing, along with a blissful lack of advertisements. It is a comprehensive free application that guarantees you obtain the best from your Android camera.


Best Android keyboard apps

Certainly one of best Android keyboard apps is Swiftkey, a totally free keyboard application making typing nearly as basic as possible, and it has great swipe options, forecasts, adaptive-learning and much more.


Best music apps

The Personal stereo and also the ipod device are just like dead, because our mobile phones took over as effective music gamers. As the default music apps in your Android device most likely perform a fine job, if you wish to fire up the bass or any other facets of your own music, you will need some thing.

Among the best very good music player apps for Android is Poweramp. It’s a terrific way to enjoy songs, with a lot of options and support for virtually any kind of file. You cannot fail with Poweramp.


Best video apps

The default video player in your Android phone will most likely ‘do the job’ and play most traditional video formats with little fuss. But when you are playing some niche formats or enjoy trying out the recording settings to obtain the perfect picture, then you will want to branch out.

VLC for Android arrived on the scene of beta in December, and therefore it is stable and prepared for everybody to make use of. It supports a large number of video formats. You should use hardware acceleration to benefit from individuals four or eight cores in your tool and really get the most from your videos. The pinch-to-zoom feature is fairly neat too.


Best productivity apps

Mobile phones might not be valid substitutes for the PCs, however with their growing energy and screen dimensions, they are getting there. As a result, it is good to achieve the most effective productivity apps in your Android device, so you’ve the peace of mind that can be done some work when there is no keyboard-and-mouse computer around.

Expensify is among good Android productivity apps only for controlling your financial allowance. You may make it as being simple or as detailed as you would like, and track all your investing within an easy-to-use format. It’s great free business travel application that you simply shouldn’t do without.


Best apps for rooters and modders

Rooting and modding mobile products would be a terrifying prospect not so long ago. But more online lessons have popped up, and much more apps have showed up to assist. However, if you are not all set to go lower the techy road to rooting (almost all that bad), you could perform some modding using a number of Android launchers.

If this involves the very best Android launchers, wise launcher is among our faves because of its, ultra-awesome design. Should you can’t look for a theme to match you here, we have no idea in which you will.


Best security and maintenance apps

Android security is really a contentious subject and arguments concerning the safety from the system appear frequently. Keep safe available and look for a lot of our suggested security apps. While you are in internet marketing, you might like to try optimizing the body performance too.

AVG is among the best anti-virus apps for Android. Even when your browsing and application installing routine is completely safe, you cant ever be too careful. Take a look at AVG for any discreet solution.


Best weather and GPS apps

You will find lots of weather apps available which are better than individuals pre-placed on your Android device. We have had a glance at the best, plus some Gps navigation apps that might assist you to outdoors.

Yahoo! Weather is among our faves at AndroidPIT since it looks great, it’s easy to use, also it presents all the information you need instantly. Additionally, it has a nice widget too.


Best fitness and lifestyle apps

Whether you need to lose a couple of unwanted weight or meet newer and more effective people, we’ve got some apps to assist you.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal provides a terrific way to slim down and remain in shape. Simply enter your height and weight, and Calorie Counter will explain the number of calories you are able to consume every day while slimming down. It takes some effort for the consumer, but it’s worthwhile.


Best of the rest apps

We’re in the finish in our list with a few of the apps that wouldn’t fit every other category. But simply since they’re last, they’re in no way minimal.

The very best apps to enhance browsing experience ought to be helpful for everyone, and also the lock screen apps are really awesome, just take a look at Miracle Locker Primary, pictured below.


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