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Are you looking for the best Internet service in Nigeria? And don’t know which to go for due to the vast number of internet service providers available in Nigeria, then you are in the right place. If you want the best Internet service in Nigeria, you need good internet connectivity; it is important to base your judgment on the following:

Speed: Speed is the most vital thing to look out for when choosing an Internet service provider (ISP). Speed is required for easy download and upload.

Downtime: this is also an important factor because a reliable internet service should be accessible. Go for an internet service with a high downtime.

Below are lists of best Internet service in Nigeria based on their internet speed. These organizations give different amazing internet service businesses in Nigeria enjoy today!

    • CYBERSPACE LIMITED – this company offer a speed of 11.09 Mbps. Cyberspace was established in 1995 with the aim of providing excellent value-added ICT services. In 2002 Cyberspace was known for being the first to create a world-class IP network that is compatible with applications. Cyberspace Limited was the first to implement MPLS backbone in Nigeria.
    • NETCOM AFRICA LIMITED – Netcom Africa limited offers internet speed at a rate of 11.00 Mbps.
    • ASTA BROADBAND SERVICE – this internet service company offers a nation-wide coverage, with a speed of up to 10 Mbps, you can enjoy a quality and affordable internet speed in Nigeria.
    • SPECTRANET LIMITED – Spectranet Limited is an internet service company located in Lagos, Nigeria. It has a speed rate of 8.96 Mbps; it is also the first internet service provider to offer 4G lite Internet service for Nigerians.
    • MTN NIGERIA – MTN Nigeria offers an internet speed of 8.73 Mbps. MTN Nigeria the largest mobile operator in Nigeria and also one of the best Internet service provider in Nigeria.
    • IPNX NIGERIA LTD – IPNX Nigeria limited, is an ICT company and offers Internet services. IPNX Nigeria limited Internet speed rate is at 7.9mbps.
    • MAINONE CABLE COMPANY – Mainone cable, also called “main one cable” was established in 2010 offers Internet services to Nigerians at a speed rate of 7.44mbps.
    • VODACOM BUSINESS NIGERIA –Vodacom businesses is a subsidiary of Vodacom group. This company offers internet service at a speed rate of 6.87mbps.
    • INTERNET SOLUTIONS NIGERIA LIMITED – this internet service company, has been offering Internet services to Nigerians since 1997 at a rate of 6.61 Mbps.
    • COOLLINK – Coollink is the first Internet service provider in Africa to come up with ka-band satellite technology. Coollink is one of the best Internet service providers (ISPs) in Nigeria and offers internet service at a speed of 6.46 Mbps.
    • SWIFT NETWORKS LIMITED – swift networks limited offers internet speed at a rate of 5.54mbps, swift networks limited is among the list of best Internet service providers in Nigeria stated his operation in 2002. It is also a facility based telecommunication company in Nigeria.
    • GLOBACOM LIMITED – this service company offers internet speed at a rate of 5.48 Mbps. It is the first single company in Nigeria to build a high-capacity submarine fiber optic cable with the aim of increasing Internet speeds.

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