Building A Website – Explaining Timelines

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When you are having your website built, you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Everyone knows that the procedures after the completion of the website are to start your digital marketing and SEO campaign, and hope that you will soon start attracting new customers. The quality of the content, the images, and everything else about the website is also important for its success, but one of the most important things that many people actually overlook is the building process itself. When you are having your website built, you need to make sure that everything goes smoothly and one of the best ways that you can do this is by devising a timeline, or asking the developers working your site to do it. But what exactly is a timeline?


What is a Timeline?

The term for a timeline is displaying a list of events in chronological order. It has been used throughout history in a variety of ways. In most of the cases it is made in the form of a graphic design, where you can see a long bar labelled with various dates and the events that have occurred on the following dates. Timelines are quite popular in historical studies, in natural sciences, and in project management. Since your website is a project itself, it is quite reasonable that you should expect to have a timeline of all the important events that have occurred during the building process. If you are working with developers, make sure you ask them for a timeline if they don’t present you with one. Any professional will make sure that they create a timeline, so if the company you are thinking of working with tell you that they do not use such things, you should strongly consider opting for a different one.

Why is the Timeline Important?

When used in project management, the timeline usually serves the purpose of showing the development team what milestones they need to reach during each day/week. It can be said that in a way a project management timeline helps the developers know what they have to do and how fast they need to do it. Working without a timeline could result in some serious delays for the project, and if this project is building your website then you most likely won’t be happy to go through such an outcome. This is just another reason why when you are looking for a development team to work with on your website, you need to make sure that they are professionals and keep a timeline.

After your website has been built, you can ask for access to the timeline they have worked with. Although some companies might be reluctant to provide you with it, most of them will most likely agree to do it. You can then explore the timeline and see which features have been implemented first, and which have been made at a later point of the development. This way if you find a certain error you will know when in the development process it has occurred and will know with who to talk to. In addition, knowing when the error occurred could help you explore the other parts of the site that have been made at the approximate same time and see if they have any issues as well. Overall, it allows you to maintain your site much better.

The importance of a timeline has been pointed out many times over the years and certainly any professional will tell you that working without one is a mistake. If you are thinking of having your website built, make sure that you ask the developers you are thinking of working with whether they will keep a timeline and if so whether they would give it to you. If you have access to the timeline during the development process you will also be able to see what parts of the website are currently in development and know approximately when the site is going to be finished.


Understanding what a timeline is and how it works is not that hard to do, since the whole idea is not that complicated. The really difficult task is to make sure that the timeline for building the website is being followed correctly.

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