Clip&Go: A Simple Video Editor for iOS

Written by Umair

One of the best things about owning an iPhone or iPad is that you will be able to record high quality videos with the amazing cameras that are built into them. Like many others you may already have got into the habit of using it to conveniently record videos no matter when or where you are – so why not take advantage of the footage that you record to create memorable films that you can watch or share with others?

While you could very well transfer your videos to a PC or Mac to edit and turn them into a great-looking video, don’t you think it would be more convenient to do that on your iPhone or iPad itself? That is exactly what Clip&Go can do for you as an easy-to-use video editing app that runs on iOS so you don’t need any other device at all.

In terms of features, Clip&Go contains all the essential tools that you would need to edit your video. With the help of the features that are built into it, you will be able to:

  • Select any videos on your iPhone or iPad to include in your movie
  • Trim out unnecessary parts from the videos or cut them into separate segments to rearrange the sequence in which they appear.
  • Duplicate video tracks by copying them so that you can reuse any part of the footage if required.
  • Crop the video to alter its frame and focus the attention of viewers on a specific area.
  • Incorporate background music in the video by choosing a track from the inbuilt selection or utilizing your own music track.
  • Decide whether to output the video in square, portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Save the video directly onto your iPhone or iPad, or share it online on social networks with ease.

Essentially Clip&Go will give you everything you need to tweak the videos that you record and turn them into something special. Regardless of whether you want to just clean up some of the footage that you’ve captured or create your very own home movie, you should be able to do so.

Because of its simple and straightforward design, you should have no problem taking full advantage of its features even if it is your first time using a video editing app for iPhone or iPad. The user interface of the app itself is easy to navigate, and its features are intuitive enough that it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to use them.

Whether you want to create video content to publish online or for your own personal use, Clip&Go is a ‘must have’ tool. It will give you the flexibility that you need to really make the most out of the videos that you record on an iPhone or iPad and take them to the next level in terms of sheer production value. If nothing else you should certainly try it out so you can see for yourself what it can do.

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