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Enjoy! Beautiful Live Wallpapers for Smartphones with Infinite Screen

Written by Paula Findley

Mobile devices with an 18:9 aspect ratio and high resolution are increasingly popular. Samsung, which calls its 18.5:9 displays by the name “Infinite Screen”, has adopted the standard in devices like the Galaxy S8, Note 8, Galaxy S9, and even in the intermediate lines.

Of course, other companies have jumped on the bandwagon using the same name as “Infinite Screen”, as is the case with popular devices like the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus – even though it has its differences from Samsung’s screens. In any case, many like the immersive look and experience of an 18:9 display.

But special attention is needed when exploring cool wallpapers with the full potential of these screens. That’s why we’ve brought you a gallery of beautiful custom animated backgrounds at Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds – an Android app. These HD wallpapers can fit perfectly into the Infinite Screen, including Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 9, which will also feature the standard South Korean aspect ratio.

The wallpaper generated by this application is identical to those wallpapers seen in other top apps, with the photos scattered on the screen and animations of new photos appearing little by little.

The best way to show the beauty that these devices can provide in terms of image is to decorate it with some high-resolution 3D wallpaper, tailored to fit the screen. Also, check out the option of live wallpaper maker in this great Android App.

Check out another suggestion to get top-quality phone wallpapers.


The application offered by Google, Background is simple and to the point. The app offers a number of options, both for the home and lock screen, divided into several categories. The user can even set the use of their own photos for the wallpaper.

The strength of the application, however, is the image categories, with different sections for the living universe, natural landscapes, texture, life, Earth (planet), art, urban landscapes, geometric shapes, seascapes, solid colors, and even animated wallpapers.

So, did you like the suggestions for apps to change the phone’s background screen? If you know good apps or image collections, leave your suggestion in the comments field below.

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