Grammarly Vs GingerSoftware Plus 3 More Free Options

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When writing content for employers or the school essay assigned by teachers. You only consider the best for it to earn you praise or a good grade at school. and for this you want your content, blog or essay to be perfect without any errors or mistakes in it. Perfection is what you seek for the job to be done with. To achieve such finesse, you are to take the aid of tools that may enhance readability, eradicate mistakes and make the content best of best. This is why you need tools for plagiarism checking, grammar checking, spell checking and over all readability checking.

Grammarly v/s GingerSoftware:

You all are aware of the two aforementioned grammar checkers. These two are probably the best checkers in their own regards. So let’s compare and figure out which is on top of the other.


Closer Look:

First, let us a have a look at the pros of both before coming to the verdict on who’s better than the other. Here are the pros of both Grammarly and Ginger Software mentioned below:


Grammarly gives different writing style, along with knowing 250 types of grammatical mistakes that it can deal with. Offers two versions, free and the premium. Not only the grammar checking, the premium versions allow you plagiarism check as well. Proofreading is a necessary and as soon as you are done writing Grammarly can do the proofreading for you.

Ginger Software:

Coming to Ginger Software now. Ginger is a magnificent tool that empowers you with error detection and correction, spelling mistakes. Moreover, it offers you a translation, sentence rephrases, dictionary etc. It is a great tool to be working with.

Both tools offer browser extensions that offer the users with availability everywhere anywhere you find the desire or need.  Also not only that, it helps you detecting errors in real time whenever you type something in your browser.

Other Options:

Not only Grammarly and ginger software is going to come to your aid. There are 3 options as alternatives available, that are for free. The list is as follows:

  • com
  • online-spellcheck.com
  • com


GrammarLookUp is a powerful Grammar Checking tool online. This tool eases the proofreading of your content. Highlighting and eradication the mistakes in your content that needs a correction. Not only that the user-friendliness of this grammar checker makes life easier for you. Just recently launched, this tool is something that easiest to use.


Online-SpellCheck.com  is the second grammar checking online tool available. This tool is effective in terms of grammar and spell checking. Ensuring you of accurate mistakes, and making it easier to you to increase the readability of the content.


PunctuationCheck sits on 3rd of our list. An accurate, effective and fast processing punctuation and grammar checking tools. Designed to suffice writers who need to get their content proofread once before submission. All you got to do is visit the web copy the content and paste into the text field and get the job done.

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