How Business Organizations Rely on Call Tracking to Create Revenue

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The majority of consumers today have a habit of ordering or purchasing products and services using their smartphones. Because there are so many people buying this way, there are still a lot of business organizations that rely on phone consumers to drive their revenue. For a lot of business out there, phone calls are major leads and they are worth so much more than customers who come to buy something in person.

Additionally, there are so many industries that have adopted new marketing methods, such as paid ads in order to boost their website traffic. Why is this so important? Simply because most of the people who reach a certain website this way pick up their phones and contact that business organization if they see something they like.

Still, there is a big problem concerning calls that are driven by paid searches, as they are mostly untracked, which reduces the overall success of a certain PPC campaign. This especially applies to leads and conversions. If the company doesn’t have this valuable call tracking data, their leaders and marketers will get lost, not knowing which landing pages, ads, or keywords have helped create these valuable calls.

Without catching valuable data, business organizations are unable to craft their future pay per click ads effectively. A business organization is risking a losing a huge percentage of their home conversions, since they don’t have the right information that can help them determine what they should put most of their resources and efforts into. If you don’t have call tracing software, you won’t be able to invest into the right keywords in the future in order to improve your results even further.

There are a lot of software solutions out there and luckily many people have looked into this, and you can find call tracking software comparisons to find a tool that works best for your type of business. Depending on the type of business organization, call tracking can be used in different ways to give different results. Here are how some type of business organizations use call tracking to boost their revenue.

All home-based services

all-home-based-servicesIf your business focuses on plumbing, home decorations, interior design, door installation, window installation, home clearing or any other service that revolves around people’s homes, then it is essential that you incorporate call tracking in your business. The reason is simple, the majority of customers who require these kind of services like to call people who can help them using a phone, and this is why it’s expected that this type of business receives a lot of calls each day.

It’s quite simple, a person needs plumbing services for some reason and he or she will instantly go online to search for plumbing services. There is a high chance that person will click on some ad, and when he or she finds what seems suitable, they will pick up the phone and call the number on the website.

This is a textbook conversion path when we talk about home-based services. This is because the nature of the service is that a servicer will have to come to the client’s home in order to help them. This is why people need to have a more intimate conversation over the phone and talk about specifics directly, instead of through emails.

Education institutions

education-institutionsThere are a lot of different types of learning and education in general. There are high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, colleges, grad schools, online learning, private schools, and so on. There are so many options to choose from and since it’s a quite an important decision to make, choosing the right education facility can be quite difficult and exhausting. This is particularly stressful for parents, as they want their kids to get the best education possible in order to have a bright future.

The sales cycle with educational options is quite long and there are a lot of things that must be taken into account. When choosing the institution that educates people there are so many things that go along with it, such as tuition, facilities, location, prices, housing, dorms, professors, degrees and so on.

When choosing education, people also want to ask a lot of questions and learn as much as possible before they have made a final decision. Additionally, in many cases, that education provider is located far away, and people cannot simply go there and talk to someone in person. For example, people are willing to send their kids far away when choosing a good college for them and this is when they pick up their phones and have long talks about all of the things I just mentioned.

Health clinics

health-clinicsThere are a lot of people out there that don’t really have a dentist of their own, and they don’t need these services until it starts burning under their feet (teeth). A lot of them don’t even have an emergency dentist they can contact in case they start feeling a lot of pain or accidentally break a tooth. Instead, they start looking for a dental clinic when an emergency happens, and they are in a hurry to find someone. They search for some local dental offices and make a lot of calls.

All health clinics, and not just dental are busy places. Especially those which are good. This is why clients usually have to make appointments in advance. In some cases of emergency patients can be seen straight away, but this rarely happens. All of the scheduled appointments are made through phone calls. Additionally, people call their health specialists to consult with them regularly and this is why call tracking can be quite handy.

Real estate agencies

how-business-organizations-rely-on-call-tracking-to-create-revenueWhen someone is looking for a new apartment to rent, or buy a home of their own, a person is never going to search on Google, find a real estate agency and buy a home online. There is no chance that someone will do this. Getting your own living space is a very important decision, it determines what your life will look like in the future, and it also costs a lot. Additionally, there are a lot of specifics that need to be discussed here, and it is simply impossible to showcase all of the details about a certain house on a website.

There can be some general information that might spark interest in a potential buyer, but if this happens. That person is going to look to call that agency and discuss the whole issue on a deeper level. This is where it’s the agent’s job to explain all the details as best as possible and try to make an affordable offer to the person calling. In real estate business generating call leads is absolutely essential in order to grow and this is why there is the need for being ready for all the incoming calls.

Law firm

law-firmHaving a law firm is one of the most difficult markets you can possibly be in. The competition is absolutely scary and all online clicks are of utmost value, meaning that a single phone call is even more valuable. In law business you only get a few opportunities, and if you don’t take them when they are at your hands there are small chances that you will be able to expand your business. Why is this? Simply because every small opportunity you get can lead to landing a client for life, this means that you will have constant revenue you can count on.

As a small law firm, you need to explore additional options in order to land new clients. People don’t need legal services that often, but they are expensive and one job can even get you enough money for your business to make it through the month. A lot of law firms forget that even in this market, there are online opportunities and that they can harvest valuable ROI by investing into paid searches. This is not possible unless they track their calls. Even a short conversation can mean a lot and you need to make a good impression on people. Even this is important, as people might suggest you to someone else.

There are other business models that also rely on calls to make leads and ultimately, their revenue. If you have a business similar to these, make sure that you implement a reliable tracking software that is compatible with your pay per click tool. This is a very cost-effective solution. You will increase the efficiency of your advertising, and have valuable data that can help you in the future. Trust me when I say that you are missing out on a lot if you don’t track your calls while relying on them to drive your business growth.

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