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How To Avoid The Negative Effects of Technology On Life

Negative Effects of Technology On Life
Written by yasir creep

In a positive world, times change. And so do people. It is an accepted fact that technology is evolving faster than the average human being who is enjoying their autumn years. Those same people have children who are growing at an alarming rate. These same kids have the upper hand. Technology to them is an extension of their life. Without it, it appears life would truly suck.

As far back as the 1990’s, before that irrevocable moment when the millennium fraught with power struggles and technological disasters made it’s entrance and before the globe became super serious about Google, people sat at tables to eat their meals. They enjoyed their food, they laughed and talked about events that had occurred during their day and life was a happy pass time.

That same table, almost two decades later, is denuded of people eating dinner. Upon its surface sits a laptop, the latest mobile phone and a top of the range tablet. In front of their tiny screens human, unblinking eyes are drinking in the stream of data.

Tablets used to be those tiny white things you swallowed when you needed to soothe an aching head. Today, a tablet is a technological phenomenon that has the globe’s great grandparents spinning in their graves.

And those who are still alive and walking through the city’s shopping malls are forced to engage in what is known as “The New York Shuffle” whilst dodging zombie-like creatures whose heads are buried deeply in microscopic screens. These zombies appear similar to human beings and some even utter profanities like a disgruntled human being who resents being interrupted whilst on his device.

Social media has penetrated the homes; the bedrooms and, (God Forbid) the very bathrooms around the world. You can view people in an instant, hopefully when they’re off the toilet! For many people, particularly business entrepreneurs, social media is hugely beneficial. For others, it has become the catalyst for negative childhood and adult development.

Children have come full circle. In the Victorian era when kids were seen but not heard, it raised many an eyebrow throughout the 1960’s. Throughout and well into the 1990’s children had a voice. But something happened. Texting became the go-to communication technique. Sadly, technology appears to have become a convenience to many parents who as they lose their parenting skills, realise their progeny are being self-entertained. It takes little if any effort to entertain children.

But when a child drowns in a swimming pool because his mother has her eyes locked on a tiny screen that has squeezed every ounce of her attention from what is happening around her, she is first to blame social media. She is first to bitterly complain had it not been for technology, this tragedy would never have occurred.

Arrogant motorists who text while they drive are inadvertently killing innocent people due to their deplorable disability to adhere to road rules, the road and the fact they are driving a mobile coffin.

Negativity in the technologically advanced w orld of digital exchange is closing the gaps between what human beings used to be and who they have become.

With forethought, parents can monitor their children and the use of devices that are robbing them of health, sunshine, social and communication skills. Interacting with others will have become something their grandparents used to do and the child of today will no longer know what it means to speak directly to another human being.

Parents can be there to talk with their children and spell out the negative activities and adversities they’re going to inevitably meet on any social media platform. They might even put down their own devices and become more engaged in their child’s development together with their own.

Parks and sunshine, beaches and hiking trails are the natrual healing processes the human being craves and yet is constantly being denied. Instead, cyber bullying, and yes, words can destroy a person’s life, is prevalent. Photo-shopped images have been successfully destroying the self-esteem of many a young woman for over a decade but children remain curious.

Social media is not going to disappear.

It is a demanding development and its availability is something that can no longer be unseen. Society will adapt but it is important that parents are aware of their child’s physical and mental growth. By rigorously monitoring the use of technological equipment they will give their children the opportunity they deserve to become healthy, well-adjusted adults.

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