How To Find A Correct Web Design Company In Singapore?

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What is a Web design agency?

A web design agency is a group of people that present themselves as web design services’ provider.  The group includes persons with the right qualifications to handle the different tasks required to achieve efficient and successful websites. This implicates that the agency must include:

  • Web developers.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Web content writers.
  • Qualified customer’s support staff.

A web design agency can provide you with webhosting services as well web development tools for possible customization.


What web design agency does?

Web design company or agency can handle the creation of the all the elements that requires the website creation process. It handles creating the layout, the architecture, the graphics and the web pages’ content. The process is made of course according to the requirements of the client and the requirement of the market. Web design companies are called to provide their clients the best services starting by advices and recommendations ending to customer support and monitoring.

Web design companies in Singapore:

In Singapore, as in any place of the world, there are many web based companies qualified as web design agencies. They do handle creating websites that serve as portals for businesses. Resorting to web design agencies is one alternative that may the business owner if they do not have enough knowledge to create their own website or they don’t have much time to learn how to proceed. Considering the growing number of companies, it is important to know which agencies to hand projects to.  This leads to define the criteria to look for in a reliable web design agency.

Criterion 1: Years of activity

Years of activity can be a very good criterion. The number of years that the agency has been working determines its competitiveness and therefore its proficiency level. It is an indicator of the evolution’s degree of the staff qualification.

Criterion 2: Number of active clients

The number of active clients is another good criterion to consider. The agency can have hundreds of clients but none is active. Some agencies can list the number of dead subscriptions which is a tricky action.

Criterion 3: Client retention rate:

It indicates the satisfaction rate of the client. This criterion is very important to determine the loyalty bounds that the company is able to create and maintain with clients. It is usually separated number of active clients, but they can be the two sides of the same coin.

Criterion 3: Quality of clientele

The quality of clientele can reflect the proficiency level of the agency. For example, an agency that lists industries of reputation –known worldwide- has more chances to obtain more subscribers than an agency that has young industries.

Criterion 4: Services package

Of course, this is up to you to define. This criterion changes with the client requirements and the business requirements.

Criterion 5: Clients’ reviews

This criterion gives an overall appreciation of the satisfaction rate of the clientel. There are some reviews’ website that can provide you the appreciation of the client on the several services provided by the agency.


Actually, the sum of these criteria is valid wherever you intend to look for the best web design company to opt for. But the proficiency level implicates charges and expenses. Most of small business can start by the less expensive and they may move to bigger investment. It is therefore important to know how would cost you to invest in web design agencies.

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