How to Market Your Ecommerce Site

Written by Umair

Running an ecommerce website is serious business. With so much competition online, you could easily sell the best products for a great price without getting much attention from potential customers. When it comes to an online business, having the right marketing tools and tactics on your side will help you give your business the kick it needs to become successful. Here are a few marketing tools you can start using today to get to the next level in selling.

Social Media

social-mediaVery few online businesses skip the step of having accounts on social media platforms. The benefits to online businesses are huge. Social media offers free advertising, direct connection with customers and a way to keep fans and followers up to date on what your company is doing next.

Each social media platform differs in what it offers to any particular business. Facebook is a great platform for longer messages and engaging your fans. Twitter can be an easy tool for handling quick customer concerns or blasting information about sales. For ecommerce, Pinterest is a must. On this social media platform you can preview your products to your audience and give them a direct link to buy. This can also be a way to engage your audience by building a recipe, outfit, craft or other project around the specific products you sell.

Email Marketing

email-marketingWhile social media may be a quick way to reach a wide audience, email marketing can still be just as effective, depending on who you are trying to target with your message. Using email marketing is great for your established customers or your curious customers. Emails often provide customers with additional deals they may not be able to get on the site without signing up for the newsletter. Also, these emails are going out to existing customers, so the followup to a purchase can be extremely important in staying top of mind for the customer’s next purchase.

Multiple Channels

responsivedesignlondonAnother way to bring customers into your website by giving them a taste of what you offer is to make your products available on multiple channels. Auction sites and marketplaces can give customers a smaller picture of what you offer on your own site, and if they are happy with the product, they will come to your site to see what else you have to offer. The key to using multiple sales channels as a marketing tool is to make sure that you leave some of your products exclusive to your website.

These are just some of the ways that you can start marketing your ecommerce site to friends, fans and those who are just discovering what you have to offer. The key to your success is to find the marketing tools that work best for your brand.

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