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Oil filtration is necessary for all oil-filled equipment. And although this equipment is very complex in structure and design, it is established that the main cause of its breakdowns and downtime is due to a poor condition of oil. Equipment manufacturers recommend to clean oil both before filling and during operation.

Most of impurities in oil are particles of metal, rubber, dust from the atmosphere, sand. But the greatest harm is caused by products of oxidation, pitch and sludge. The presence of water in oil elevates the risk of corrosion of metal surfaces.

What types of oil filters are used?

In practice, industrial oils are cleaned through special devices – filters. The filter effectiveness is determined by the material used in its construction and intended used. For “rough” oil filtration are used mainly metal filters (25-80 microns). The fineness of oil filtration of paper filters is much higher -10-25 microns. The best dirt-holding capacity and efficiency have fiberglass filters.

Also there are single-use and multi-use filters. A single-use filter is installed in a system and replaced when oil purity changes and stops meeting requirements. A multi-use filter can be taken out and cleaned from accumulated impurities, and then replaced back in its place.

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The main problem of oil filtration is removal of particles the size of 1-5 microns that  carry the greatest danger for the equipment, and their amount in oil can reach 70% of the total amount of contaminants. Such fineness of filtration cannot be achieved by many existing filters.

Complex oil filtration from GlobeCore

GlobeCore offers technology for complex of industrial oil filtration. This technology is a combination of classical and modern approaches and is implemented in CMM filtration plants. These oil filtration units pass oil through thermal vacuum treatment to remove water-soluble acids, alkalis, water, coals and mechanical impurities. After passing through a CMM plant the oil corresponds all the required characteristics.

CMM units come in a stationary and mobile design, to allow oil filtration at the site. GlobeCore CMM units solve all the problem of cleaning oil products.

GlobeCore technologies, provide:

– stable oil characteristics;

– long service life of oil;

– increased reliability of oil-filled equipment;

– reduce environmental impact.

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