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Integrating Crestron Home Automation Systems with Wireless Sound Systems

Written by Paula Findley

For those of you who have installed a Crestron home automation system, or if you are looking to install a home automation product for the first time, it is important to note that it is possible to integrate a Crestron system with a wireless sound system such as Sonos.

In fact, Sonos and Crestron have gone to the effort of working collaboratively to make sure the integration is as good as it possibly can be – with excellent results.

As an example, it is possible to launch the Sonos app on your tablet or smartphone within the Crestron Home Automation System, so you don’t need to fiddle around and open and close different apps. We love the user-friendly nature of the system. If you have an existing Sire gateway, it is possible to install Sonos too.

We feel that by using Sonos with your Crestron Home Automation system, it adds that little bit of extra style and sound quality to help you enjoy music within your home. Crestron allows you to distribute and listen to music throughout your home at the click of a button, taking your listening experience to levels we thought were never achievable before.

If you would like to make use of Sonnex, which is a high-end premium audio distribution solution developed by Crestron, Sonos is compatible with this too. By using the Sonnex system, you will notice that it allows you to bundle together a number of audio channels and allows you to easily calibrate rooms with the possibility of adding sub-woofers to audio zones. The sound quality as a result is out of this world!

Custom Controls recently completed a project in Dubai, where they installed a unique sound system to the client’s outdoor area. By installing four high quality weather resistant outdoor speakers, with sub woofers to each corner, the sound they emitted was incredible, and it made use of the Sonos system.

It is easy to see the mutual benefit of integrating Sonos and Crestron together. The result is to increase the flexibility and functionality of both systems for the benefit of the user. This is why we would certainly recommend that you install both in your home.

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