iOS 9 – The 9 Features We Really Want

Written by Lisa Scholfield

We have seen some large alterations in iOS lately, however they haven’t gone far enough. Listed here are the characteristics we actually want in IOS 9

Apple generally announces a brand new form of its iOS operating-system in June at its WWDC conference in June, before delivering it with a brand new iPhone or iPad later around. With iOS 8.2 the current form of the OS, it’s time for you to turn to iOS 9 and find out what it really has available for all of us.

We do not have enough detailed information online around the operating-system, yet, apart from the truth that Apple is seeing iOS 9 like a clean-up operation and an opportunity to allow it to be more reliable and stable. We know that it’ll probably be launched plus the iPhone 6S (or iPhone 7 if Apple changes its naming convention). Until we obtain more solid information, it does not imply that we can not list what we’d want to see. We’ll admit that a few of the features that we have listed aren’t everything apt to be implemented, however, you can’t stop us from fantasizing.

1. Set third-party apps as default


Apple finally opened up up iOS 8 and permitted us to install third-party keyboards – an element Android has already established for a long time. Additionally, it added Extensions, which allows you utilize execute an action in a single application from another. For instance, you are able to browse images in Photos, but edit them in Camera .

Just like this more open policy is, it doesn’t go far enough for the liking and we’d want to see iOS 9 become much more open and let customers set default apps. For instance, we ought to have the ability to set Google Maps because the default mapping application, overriding Apple maps.

2. Hide or remove pre-installed apps


Apple’s much less bad using its default load-out for iOS, but you will find still apps inside that many people won’t ever use, or don’t presently possess a use for, like the Apple Watch application. Instead of letting people remove those that it normally won’t want, you’re tied to them, together with your only choice to apps you do not want right into a Folder. For iOS 9 we’d want to see the opportunity to remove anything it is not critical or, at the very least, determine which apps are visible.

3. Extend TouchID

The TouchID fingerprint readers introduced using the iPhone 5S, and today on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Small 3 was a terrific way to add security to Apple’s mobile products. Initially, TouchID was just open to unlock a tool in order to authorise a repayment from iTunes or even the Application Store. With iOS 8, Apple also opened up TouchID as much as Apple Pay (unavailable within the United kingdom) and also to third-party apps: you are able to sign in to your Amazon . com account utilizing it, for instance.iPhone 5S TouchID in use

We’d now want to see TouchID extended to ensure that you can use it to lock any application from being opened up without permission. We’d also want to see it built-into Safari to ensure that your fingerprint could be needed to go in a saved password.

4. Make AirDrop and Handoff more reliable


Apple has some good discussing features in iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite: AirDrop is ideal for discussing files, websites and much more Handoff is a practical way to begin an activity on a single tool and finish it on other. Regrettably, neither are particularly reliable and can just cease working. We even authored helpful information regarding how to fix AirDrop, as we’ve thought it was so flaky sometimes. Enough’s enough, and it is time that Apple focussed on making these functions just work.

5. Multi-user support1400-iusers-screenshot

This can be a feature that managed to get onto ourlisting of Android features that people wish iOS had, but it’s worth repeating here anyway. While we’ll admit that it is not really a feature the apple iphones need to support, it is always good to get it around the iPad, that is much more of a shared device. We’d like to have the ability to get one take into account each household member, each getting their very own email and preferences.

6. Customisable Control Centre

Control Center was among the best features that Apple put into iOS 7. This menu, that you simply drag up from the foot of the screen, provides you with fast access to toggle plane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DnD and also the rotation lock, in addition to playback controls and cutting corners to common apps. It isn’t customisable, though. Why don’t you let people take their favourite apps in here rather?

Enable Bluetooth in iOS 8.1 via Control Centre

7. Location aware settings


Wouldn’t it’s great in case your iPhone understood where it had been, to ensure that it might change the way in which it socialized. For instance, it might set another, quieter, ring-tone when ever you’re at the office, or had opted into quiet mode whenever you achieve a destination mounted on a calendar appointment. Failing Apple carrying this out, it might be nice to determine these functions readily available to ensure that you are able to programme your personal final results using IFTTT.

8. Smaller install

Among the problems that individuals with 16GB mobile phone models had was they didn’t have sufficient room on their own mobile phone models to install iOS 8. There isn’t any reason the OS ought to be this large, so we’d like it if Apple ended up being to cut lower around the fat making iOS 9 cleaner and slimmer.

9. General stability improvements


We have all had Safari reload an internet page due to a mystery error, an application crashes, or Spotlight declining to exhibit any search engine results. It’s time that many of these types of bugs were addressed which iOS 9 becomes probably the most stable OS.

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