Link-Building Strategies And Benefits

Link Building
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The process of getting external pages to link to a page on your website is termed as link building. As a real art we can call, but truly a tough task to achieve amongst the others.

Link building involves many internal activities like research, content, creativity and most importantly patience! In order to have a link acquisition, there are a few things that needs to be kept in mind…

For sometime now, link building has been almost dead as it was maybe wrongly implemented or interpreted. The real reason is lack of right knowledge, process, skills, tools and most importantly perseverance!

As to many seo service companies and SEO experts, they only focused on content and On-Page SEO and neglected links. We can safely say that Google confirmed that links and link building is the #1 factor affecting SEO ranking and positioning with or alongside of content. yes, content largely takes and continue its number 1 position for SEO and search engines. As you might observe any SEO service like


Link Building, SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Guest Posting, Guest blogging, everything  starts and ends with content and links!

Some of the measures needed to be taken are enlisted for a brief outline of what is link building actually!

Natural Links

When you write and publish content on your site or pages, there are many genuine over the search engine visitors who might want to add links to your sites, these need to specific actions or re hauling, as they are as natural as water. From SEO point of view there is absolutely nothing to be done. Just focussing on real and original content, posts, blogs and social media are enough. to add to this, creating brand awareness becomes imperative and logical.

Manually created Links

As a webmaster churns out tens of pages for a website, his/her ultimate goal is to gain user connectivity and indulgence by guest book signings, forum signatures, blog comments, or user profiles and sign ups. However the impact can be alarmingly low at times…Additionally search engine typically devalue these links which are or may be specifically built for this

Guest posting (on blogs that participate and lets you indulge in content mining)

Guest posting is a common and safe tactic for generating backlinks and getting traffic to your site. Though it’s a bit relative term, as though we might achieve backlinks to the site, but are we assured of traffic and movement?

Having said that, there are some grey elements too on SEO. Have you heard of Google Dance? Google Panda? or Google Penguin or simple Google Update? For almost every SEO company or SEO expert these words give goosebumps to many. But there is nothing to get scared, All you do to avoid and overcome Google’s over-optimization penalty in 3 SEO tips.

1 – Improving UX or overall appearance of the UI element of your web page

2 – Emphasise on original content at all times.

3 – Avoid excessive advertisements

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