How to Perform a Whois Reverse Lookup Using Google Tools

Written by Paula Findley

The WHOIS reverse lookup is a powerful took that anyone can use to find information about the websites around the Internet that they interact with. The WHOIS reverse lookup with Google is a very powerful thing because it can help people find out who owns a website, how long they have owned that website, and how much information is on that website. Someone who is trying to learn about online real estate or find a way to save themselves time will see all they need to know through this simple search.

1. The WHOIS Database


The WHOIS Database allows people to read information on quite literally every website that exists online. Someone who is trying to make a drastic change their online property might want to know how owns websites that are close in title to their own. Someone who is starting a new business might prefer to have a website name that is very close to a competitor so that they can gain ground, and there are those who would prefer to use the WHOIS database just to pick out a new name because they do not have any ideas.

2. How To Use The WHOIS Reverse Lookup

The reverse WHOIS lookup API can be done when someone goes into the database and chooses the search bar. The best part of this is that people can search anything they want with any information that they have. The WHOIS reverse lookup with Google can be used with information that might include the name of the owner, the name of the company, or the address of the company’s headquarters.

3. How Long Does The Reverse Lookup Last?

The reverse lookup can be done in just a few moments, and it is very simple for someone to get instant results and move on to a new search. Most people who are doing these searches can get the information they need in just a few moments, and they can move on with the rest of their day. Someone who is mining for information will find that they can search for several sites in a matter of minutes, and they can use that information to make their best decisions for their website or their next business move.

4. How Accurate Is The Database?

The database is accurate up to the second because it updates information in realtime. Someone who is searching on the site might run across a brand new website that just got registered, and they will see all the information that is available for a site that might have just gone live. Because of this, the person does not need to worry about constantly checking to see if they missed something.

WHOIS Can Do A Lot More Than We Thought

There are many people who will prefer to do some searching online for a company or website they have learned about, but they need more raw data than a basic search will give them. They can use the WHOIS database to check for any piece of information that is out there about these sites.

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