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What is the history behind the evolution of music videos? Prior to 1980, music videos were called as promotional films, promotional clips, etc and only after the rise of MTV the first music channel, music videos too gained popularity which made many artists to have a music video f their own promoting their album. The first music video is believed to be Tony Bennett’s ‘stranger in paradise‘ which was released in 1956 which features the artist walking in Hyde Park. Such promotional films r short films were then adapted by artists like Elvis Presley, Beetles, etc.

The early 70s saw the rise of shows which featured these promotional movies or short clips. And in 1981, the U.S based music channel which was a 24 hour music channel with shows promoting countdown of music videos which made artists thrive to reach the number one spot on the Billboard countdown. And today there are many such music channels that play music videos 24/7 right from the new releases to the old classics. This is not all. You can listen to your favorite music on the Internet Radio too.

Listening to songs is a fun pastime which makes waiting a pleasurable event where you never get bored. Music is universal concept unbound by nations and language. Listening to music while travelling or while waiting for someone it is the best thing to do which is a personal fun experience. Each one of has a personal set of songs that we often like to listen to and most even have their own favorite music video which they never mind watching over and over again. A music video gives a whole new meaning to a song which treats your eyes along with your ears. And if it is the music video that you were fond of during your childhood and teens watching those videos will stir up your nostalgia.

Know play your kind of music with online radio!

Music and radio are two face of single coin, although there is lot of other aspect that is integral part of the radio but music has always been the show stopper for radio. However, one thing that instantly strikes in the mind when you hear the word radio and that is music that you get to listen on array of devices be it on your car, PDA or mobile phone.

Radio has undergone major transformations than any other medium, and the way it has been created absorbed and consumed has gone through an assortment of paradigm changing shifts and this is the reason why today, one can easily craft quality program and can serve it to the global audience. Internet radio has conked out the barrier of boundaries that comes along with the traditional radio as the signal will catch to certain distance but with online radio you can listen to radio of any corner of the world. Without a doubt, technology has played the pivotal role and it’s only possible with the help of breakthrough technology that helped media and radio broadcasting to step ahead.

In today‘s hectic life where everyone is busy in work and it is not possible to  sit and listen to radio therefore, online radio has certainly helped millions of people around the glove to listen to radio without any hassles and issues. Well, if you are music buff and the same time you also like to gather information and news then online radio is more befitting medium to enjoy music and what’s happening around the globe.

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