Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

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E-mail marketing is a new age effective marketing tool for any and all type of business.

It is nowadays, considered as a direct marketing tool and technique.

As evident from its name, e-mails (electronic) mails sent and exchanged with customers for promoting the business and conducting the business comes under the jurisdiction of email marketing and this as a whole sums up email marketing.

As per research conducted in the year 2014, by a company named Madison Global, around 125 billion of emails are sent as a part of the email marketing campaigns and activities every hour around the globe.

Email marketing has emerged in recent times as one of the most preferred and effective online marketing tool and option globally. Easy to execute, email marketing campaigns and activities are bound with various legalities in countries like United States, Australia, Canada and countries under European Union.

Individuals and companies/ organizations are bound to follow these legalities or laws while executing their email campaigning and failing to comply can lead to penalties.

As a whole, email marketing can be categorized as –

  1. Opt-in advertising email marketing.
  2. Direct email marketing and
  3. Transactional email marketing.

Like any other techniques and tools, email marketing also has its fair share of pros and cons or we can say advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will look into  the numerous pros and cons of Email Marketing.

Let’s first get started with the pros of Email Marketing.

Everyone in the fraternity is praises with email marketing because of its many advantages and pros it has for the clients as well with the marketer. Let us jot down some of the pros of Email marketing.

  1. Better reach: In marketing campaigns, one is always worried and concern how to reach the maximum prospects with minimum investment and in a short span of time. Email marketing perfectly fits into the scenario.

Email marketing enables any business to reach its target audience in a very fast and effective way.

  1. Affordability : Email almost costs nothing and there’s no better way to execute your marketing activities in a better way other than email marketing in this era of digital revolution and internet is everywhere these days and maximum people depends on emails for official conversation.
  1. Email marketing also helps in building brand image as well as strong bond and relation with the customer.
  1. Increases the traffic on your website: Even, if you are not able to convert every prospect into your client, if your content is impressive and interesting, then the chances are high that your content will be shared by many on social media platforms which will in turn increase traffic to your website.
  1. Email marketing is also a good way to generate sales lead which can be converted into client in future.
  1. Good for small business: Email marketing is an ideal option for the small business to reach out to its prospects and clients for business and promotional purposes mainly because it requires very minimal investment.
  1. Return on investment: This is a crucial point while discussing the pros of email marketing. Apart from the other marketing activities, the return on investment can be measured, it can be tracked and one gets to know whether an email address is correct.

Cons of Email Marketing.

  1. Spam: It is considered to be the biggest concern as well as main cons of email marketing. To prevent your email from going in tothe spam folder, some go for opt in advertisement marketing.
  1. Getting attention of the email receiver is another big challenge as it is very hard to create an eye catching title and real impressive and attractive content. To avoid this, in some occasions, the sender links the content of the email with various online business review sites like the Trustpilot review to interest the reader in the content.
  1. Also, the bounce rate of emails are quite high, making it difficult sometimes to reach the target audience in an effective way.
  1. In shooting the mails, sometimes there’s a lack in that personalized touch, which fails to interest the prospect.

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