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Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge: What we liked, What we didn’t

Written by Lisa Scholfield

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge possess a lot riding in it, greater than earlier flagships from Samsung. Both of these might make it or break it for Samsung this season.


Another year, another Samsung flagship, but this time around it’s different. Samsung offers quite a bit more riding around the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge than its earlier flagships. The organization began continues to be going for a hit because the lacklustre sales and flagging public result of the Galaxy S4. Actually, Samsung was made to launch the Galaxy S5 sooner than it might have loved.

The primary complaint against Samsung happens to be about design and consumer experience. While the organization hasn’t really jeopardized on energy, the consumer experience from both design and interface reason for sights have frequently been lacklustre. The Touchwiz UI was perhaps probably the most bloated UI of, as the cheap plastic designs got old extremely fast, especially since Samsung began to are designed for our prime-finish segment.

So, using the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung has finally accepted the metal design, and can these products be Samsung’s savior? You, the customer will choose that and for your, you should know much more about them.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The metal unibody from the S6 is beyond question, however the overall design is. As the S6 certainly brings change, it bears an uplifting resemblance towards the boring Samsung design that you’ve seen before. Nevertheless, you might have already seen the Galaxy Note 4, and that means you can appreciate Samsung’s 2K Super AMOLED shows. The Five.1 ” 2K display around the S6 is really a welcome addition.


Actually, same with the 16MP camera around the back. Samsung has generally succeeded using its cameras and also the 16MP sensor around the Galaxy Note 4 is one of the greatest you’ll find on the market. Also, the organization in comparison the unit straight to the iPhone 6 Plus, which many (including us) have known as the very best smartphone camera on the market today.

The unit will also support fast and wireless charging, that is good, particularly if Samsung’s declare that battery will get 4 hrs of charge in ten minutes are true. This really is another area in which the Note 4 has excelled.

The metal unibody obviously means Samsung needed to quit the detachable back and sd card support, something that lots of its customers may miss. It’s obviously an understandable compromise to make the unit more premium, but we keep returning towards the design here. The Galaxy S6 isn’t any looker, particularly when in comparison to the kind of the HTC One M9, iPhone 6 and Sony Xperia Z3 along with other phones with unibody designs provide support for microSD cards.

One area in which the S6 may underwhelm may be the energy. While Samsung hasn’t usually didn’t have within this department, the choice to not opt for the Snapdragon 810 may haunt it. The organization states the Exynos 7 octa-core 64-bit SoC running the Galaxy S6 is much more effective than rivals, but Exynos processors have till now been less effective compared to corresponding Snapdragons.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The real alternation in the look department is incorporated in the S6 Edge. The world’s first dual-edge smartphone looks unique as you would expect and quite unique, unlike the Galaxy S6. The Advantage shows on vertical edges from the smartphone obviously add a great deal to the look, however they may truly be helpful since they’re on sides. There’s much more that you can do. Obviously, developer support is going to be extremely important with this.

The S6 Edge has all of the pros from the Galaxy S6 and adds a few its very own with the Edge shows. Actually, as the Edge display might not be something anybody actually need, it’s certainly something we actually want. Also, the phone looks good, a place in which the Galaxy S6 still lags behind.


Yes, the energy continues to be a little of the question, but with the exception that, the S6 Edge appears is the true flagship smartphone that Samsung owed its customers.


Samsung’s UI continues to be another factor that the organization continues to be frequently asked on. Well, as the rejuvenated form of Touchwiz here will include lesser bloatware, we need to apply it some time to think it. Also, Samsung has for whatever reason incorporated Microsoft apps on its new flagship mobile phones, that is a fascinating choice.

The move reaffirms Samsung’s curiosity about making the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge appealing to both business and regular purchasers. The organization can also be adding free space for storage on OneDrive using its flagships, however the sudden partnership for Microsoft apps doesn’t really make lots of sense for customers who don’t rely on them. You might find OneNote yet others to become useless items of software that you’re made to continue your phone.


Lastly, and possibly most significantly, may be the cost where Samsung intends to sell these to. Leaked prices reviews advise a beginning cost of €699 (approximately Rs. 49,000) for that 32GB Galaxy S6, as the S6 Edge begins at €849 (approximately Rs. 60,000) for that 32GB model. Thinking about Samsung’s prices for that Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5 before, this isn’t a real surprise.

Nevertheless, the organization makes a smart decision in not taking a 16GB model for that S6 and S6 Edge. When the 32GB model is listed well, then your S6 could easily sell like hotcakes, despite its weak points. However, if Samsung decides to choose its current history in prices (that is likely), then your S6 and S6 Edge may neglect to mark Samsung’s comeback.

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