Systems that can Help Improve Communications with Staff

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Since the Los Angeles ORM company is a small business that is in the middle of growing and hiring new employees, it is important for them to have systems that can help improve their internal communication if ever someone works from a remove location and not inside the office. Below are different tools and systems that helps companies improve their communication and keep everyone on the same page along with making them more efficient.


This helps on assigning tasks to your team members, tagging people who should follow the tasks and making sure that deadlines are met and tasks are done. You also receive emails when a task has been completed by a colleague so you know the task was met.


This allows you to manage tasks company-wide. You can do staff meeting with video conference and this is something that improves most business’ communication a lot.

Confluence Wiki

This wiki keeps everyone up-to-date on what needs to be and you can tag team members on tasks that require their attention, document best processes and product specs along with receiving email notifications of updates in the wiki.

Collab Hub

Here is a hub where you can share files internally inside the intranet. You can access a company calendar, important links, company announcements and documents and staff directory.


This is a chat tool where you can constantly communicate team-wide and this inbox can keep the entire team on the same page.


This is another chat platform where many people use it for work, family and life in general. You can even incorporate custom emojis that represent each person, values and norms.


This tool is used mainly for client communication and project management and allows you to oversee the efficiency and profitability of your remote team from anywhere.


This allows your team to receive all of the latest updates and the latest information about what’s going on in the company.

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