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The Node JS Course Introduction To Web Application Development

Written by Paula Findley

The world of web application development is a very competitive one. It is crucial that you update your skill set to include futuristic technology and tools. NodeJS can be your career pathway. Most developers earn handsomely and take up professional certifications that endorse their domain expertise. 

Node.js is gaining steadily gaining popularity and momentum in the web application development for the industry because of its adaptability, scalability, flexibility, and usability. NodeJS is a web application used to communicate with databases. 

The Node.js’ ability to gather data from different sources makes it futuristic and popular. It can consolidate data and cope with the speedy delivery of it in real-time to many clients. It is so popular that most evolving industries have adapted to its usability and flexibility. 

As enterprises move towards Agile and Lean practices of Scrum the demand for professional web application developers keeps increasing. Especially for those who have the skills and the knowledge to implement those skills.  With Node JS training, your practical skills and theoretical knowledge are honed to allow you to be industry-ready from day one.

What the course is all about

The Node JS course is a comprehensive 16-hour course delivered in the virtual online mode of classroom training. This enables both working professionals and students aspiring to be web-developers in the world of JavaScript which is the most popular front-end framework in recent times.

Essential educational qualifications required

A 2-day boot-camp of intensive coaching helps to bring you up to speed. Since the course works in TypeScript, it is mandatory that participants have proficiency and 

  • Experience in any programming language, application development etc 
  • Good working skills in JavaScript
  • Preference for those with work exposure to server technology such as J2EE, .NET, Ruby etc 

What you will learn at the Node JS training.

For each unit completed at the training with reliable partner Zeolearnyou receive credits at the rate of 1 credit per hour of training. Most certifications for professionals not only require credits they also mandate such training. The NodeJS course completion certification validates your practical skills, theoretical knowledge, techniques in the application and deploying your expertise in this domain. The NodeJS course is made of separate modules which you imbibe through practical industry-related quizzes and exercises. 

The Node JS course covers the following topics.

  • How to build a fast, scalable and lightweight network application
  • How to use Events, Stream and Modules and advanced web technology in applications
  • How to communicate with databases and build advanced networking applications using Node.js
  • How to test and debug your Node.js applications

The course has a tech-savvy and easily accessible learning platform with industry experts at the helm. An interactive style and well-designed progressively streamlined modules facilitate higher knowledge retention. The training also allows for convenient scheduling and combines the benefits of classroom teaching, one-to-one practical sessions and online virtual learning. The fee includes global courseware.

This course from Zeolearn ensures better job prospects, an enhanced resume, and great earnings.

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