The Top 3 Video Conferencing Services for 2016

Video Conferencing Services
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Video conferencing services are increasingly essential to run a successful business in 2016; Adobe Connect, Cisco WebEx and Skype Business all provide different solutions, depending on your company criteria. The amount of participants, apps and software required, can all affect your decision in choosing a video conferencing service. Bearing all of this in mind, one of the following top providers for 2016 may be able to suit all of your needs:

  1. Adobe Connect Meetings

Adobe connect is a quick and seamless option, enabling you to discuss that pressing issue with your team via easily accessible IOS based devices. Adobe connect enables video conferencing use across the apple devices, with a non-hassle and no need to download option. It can even integrate your apple apps. What’s more is that Adobe Connect can also record meetings, store your essential files and notes for you to refer back to at a later date. It has great security credentials too, as its secure communication service is even used by the US military of defence. Prices start at £31 per month, permitting up to 100 participants. There is a free 30 day trial option available before you buy (up to 25 participants).

Adobe Connect Meetings

  1. Cisco WebEx Meetings

Calling itself the global leader in web and video conferencing software. Cisco WebEx may be right, as it has continuously won accolades for online services including the top business app by Forbes magazine. Cisco WebEx is delivered via the Cisco web cloud, with a no passcode service. Never fear though, as the Sky-high cloud trust programme provides multi-layered online security. WebEx can also integrate with Microsoft outlook and has its own free app which enables outside participants to phone in and join your meeting. It is also VOIP enabled and there is a video lock option, allowing the display to focus on one main speaker during your meeting. However participation limited, with prices starting as £15 per month for up to seven people. There is also a free option available, enabling a maximum of up to two participants.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

  1. Skype for Business

Their aim is to provide cost effective tools for businesses of any size. And they mean it. The £25.70 per month permits meetings broadcast up to 10,000 people and full use of the 2016 office suite. Additionally integrated with Microsoft office apps, Skype for Business enables new enterprise capabilities, starting at an affordable option of £1.30 per user per month. This cheap option, enables calls and video meeting with up to 250 participants. Using reliable Enterprise grade security, Skype for Business can even integrate with video software and VOIP. Gradwell Communications provide affordable conference solutions for connecting Skype for Business to VOIP.

Skype for Business

These three affordable video conferencing options can allow you to communicate with clients, based on your business size and needs. There is no need to pay a high tariff if your company is small (1-7 staff). However, if you expect an increase in numbers and require the use of specific business apps and software, a higher tariff video conference provider may suit all of your needs. With up to 10,000 meeting participants and full use of the Office suite, Skype may just have the edge in 2016.

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