The WHY’s and HOW’s of logo making

Written by yasir creep

The logo is the first thing everyone sees, and first impressions are all-important in society. Logos represent what your company stands for, in a single glance. The logo also serves as a deterrent to copy-cats and cheap rip-offs protecting what is most important for your company- your customer’s trust. It is what builds customer loyalty, after all the logo is what appears on your company’s product, think-Apple. What draws you in first, the word or the logo?

Making a logo, encompassing all your values is however going to be an up-hill task, given the fact that the market is flooded with logos. In this clutter, din and noise of marketing and promotions making a logo that’s unique yet elegant, simple yet irreplaceable is a task that requires designing skills and a lot of money-power.

Small businesses and startups usually feel the pressure hardest when it comes to making a logo. A major portion of their marketing spends goes into making a logo while cutting spends for sales and marketing. Thankfully small budget does not mean that you will have to go with something cheap looking. You can get the perfect logo using online logo designing sites such as Onlinefreelogo.

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Onlinefreelogo.com is the perfect place to get that ‘Perfect’ logo. 1000s of logo options are available on the site which are designed by professional designers. Design your own logo for free in 4 simple steps. No need for any software or background in designing. Onlinefreelogo helps you to design as many logos as you desire and only pay for the logo designs. Your logo is Unique and pertinent to your exclusive needs. You can change or modify the logo to suit your needs. Once you design a logo and are satisfied with it, you can purchase the logo at very reasonable rates. Other benefits are:

  • The logo is then removed from the site and you gain sole ownership of it.
  • You get the logo in png, pdf, jpg and svg formats
  • You can make multiple modifications to the logo once designed and download the new logo.
  • You can order business cards, T shirts and other products with your logos on it.
  • You can modify and download your logos multiple times without need to pay again and again.

All the above can be done in minutes. So Happy logo making with onlinefreelogo.com!

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