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Top 10 Mobile Phones Operating Systems

Written by Patrick Callahan

Lots of people have sufficient understanding about different cell phones as well as their companies however a very couple of of these have some understanding about os’s. It is crucial to understand about different mobile OS used by a few companies to ensure that you are able to really realize that what’s behind your smartphone’s smooth and colorful touch screen.


Above may be the recognition graph, which signifies last 12 several weeks trends. It’s apparent that Android is beating up other os’s, the IOS. Symbian, that was once a business leader can also be watching a diminishing slope. IOS might still compete Android, with discharge of Windows Phone 8, we may see some healthy competition later on.

Comparison Of Top Mobile OS


Symbian OS is formally the home of Nokia. This means that every other company will need to take permission from Nokia before by using this operating-system. Nokia has continued to be a huge in low-finish mobile market, so after Java symbian was the most famous within the cell phones till a few years ago. Still Symbian is broadly utilized in low-finish phones however the demand rate has ben continuously lowering. By improving Symbian mobile OS, Nokia has managed to get competent to run mobile phones effectively. Symbian ANNA and BELLE would be the two latest updates that are presently utilized in Nokia’s mobile phones. Overall, the Symbian OS is wonderfully designed and it is very user-friendly.

Regrettably, Symbian OS graph goes downwards nowadays because of the immense recognition of Android and iOS.

A few of the phones presently running on Symbian OS are Nokia C6-01, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 808 Pure View, Nokia E6 (ANNA) and Nokia 701 (BELLE). Symbian is a well-liked choice among nokia dual sim cell phones too.



September 20th 2008 was the date when Google launched the very first Android Operating System through the title of ‘Astro’. After a while next upgraded versions ‘Bender’ and ‘Cupcake’ were also launched. Google then adopted the popularity of naming android versions after any dessert or perhaps a sweet from a to z. Another releases are Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Frozen Treats Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Jelly Bean is to date the most recent android version from google. Because the platform isn’t closed like IOS, you will find a lot of great android apps built by designers.

Soon after walking in to the wise phone and pills market Android acquired immense recognition because of its beautiful appearance and efficient working. Many additional features were introduced which performed a substantial role in Android’s success. Google Play is definitely an official application market which consists of countless different apps for android products. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and lots of some of the best producers are utilizing Android within their products. Presently Android is among the top os’s and it is considered a significant threat for iPhone.

A few of the mobile phones operating on Android are Htc Desire Mobile Phone, Samsung Universe Gio, Motorola Android Razr, Samsung Universe S3 and HTC Wilfire.


Apple iOS:

iOS has been around since 29th June 2007 once the first iPhone was created. Since that time iOS continues to be under gone many upgrades and presently the most recent the first is the iOS 6. Apple has still not permitted every other manufacturer to put on the job its operating-system. Unlike Android, Apple has more focused on the performance instead of appearance. Because of this , the fundamental appearance of iOS is nearly as good as it had been in 2007. Overall it’s very user-friendly and is among the best os’s on the planet.

To date iOS has been utilized in iPhone, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3rd generation, iPhone 4, 4S, iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, as well as their tablet pcs top quality as iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad.


Blackberry OS:

Rim OS may be the property of RIM (Industry) and it was first launched in 1999. RIM is promoting this operating-system because of its Rim type of mobile phones. Rim is a lot not the same as other os’s. The interface style along with the wise phone design can also be different getting a trackball for moving forward recption menus along with a texting keyboard.

Like Apple, Rim OS is really a close source OS and isn’t readily available for every other manufacturer. Presently the most recent discharge of this operating-system is Rim OS 7.1 which has been around since May 2011 and it is utilized in Rim Bold 9930. It’s a very reliable OS and it is safe from the majority of the infections.

A few of the mobile phones operating on Rim OS are Rim Bold, Rim Curve, Rim Torch and Rim 8520.


Windows OS:

Everyone will know about Windows OS since it is utilized in computer systems around the globe. Windows OS continues to be been utilized in cell phones but normal mobile phone customers think it is a little hard to operate it but simultaneously it had been extremely popular among individuals who were utilised into it.

It was the situation until Nokia and Microsoft became a member of hands to operate together. The most recent Windows release by Microsoft is called Windows 7 that has acquired immense recognition of all type of customers. Using its colourful and easy to use interface it’s given Windows OS a brand new existence and it is presently sought after around the globe. One more reason behind its success is this fact latest OS can be used in very effective products produced by Nokia. The pc like look has totally disappeared in the windows phones using the discharge of Windows 7. Samsung and HTC also launched some Windows based phones but they couldn’t much place on the market.

Nokia Lumia series is totally windows based. A few of the latest Windows Phones are Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus and HTC Titan 2. If you’re this is not on windows mobile os and taking advantage of windows for the pc, this is the way you are able to run .jar games on your computer.



Like others Samsung also is the owner of an operating-system which is called BADA. It is made for mid-range and top end mobile phones. Bada is really a quiet easy to use and efficient operating-system, similar to Android but regrettably Samsung didn’t use Bada on the massive for unknown reasons.

The most recent version Bada 2..5 was launched on March 15th 2012. You will find only 3 phones that are operating on Bada. These 3 mobile phones are Samsung Wave, Samsung Wave 2 and Samsung Wave 3. I have faith that Bada might have accomplished much greater success if Samsung had marketed it correctly.

Read out the best way to use Picasa on Bada mobiles.


Palm OS (Garnet OS):

Palm OS was created by Palm Corporation in 1996 specifically for Smartphones (Personal Digital Assistance). Palm OS was essentially made to focus on touch screen GUI. Some Time later it had been upgraded and could support mobile phones. Regrettably it couldn’t create a mark available on the market and presently is not in use most of the latest top products.

It’s been 5 and half years because we saw the most recent update of palm OS in 2007. Palm OS was used by lots of companies including Lenovo, Legend Group, Janam, Kyocera and IBM.


Open WebOS:

Open WebOS also called Hewlett packard WebOS or simply WebOS that was essentially produced by Palm Corporation but after a little years it grew to become the home of H . P .. WebOS was released in ’09 and it was utilized in quantity of mobile phones and pills.

Hewlett packard marketed WebOS in a high level from it in top end mobile phones and pills. The most recent device focusing on WebOS was the Hewlett packard Touch Pad. With the development of Android on the market sales of Hewlett packard WebOS based pills got very less. Finally Hewlett packard introduced to discontinue WebOS based products, however the existing customers were assured that they’ll get regular updates from the operating-system.



Nokia and Maemo Community became a member of hands to create an operating-system for mobile phones and internet pills, referred to as Maemo. Like other products the interface of Maemo also composed of the menu that the consumer can turn to any location.

Like today’s Android the house screen is split into multiple sections which show Search On The Internet bar, different shortcut symbols, Feed along with other may be. Later this year in the MWC (Mobile World Congress) it had been says now Maemo project is going to be merged with Mobilin to produce a fresh operating-system referred to as MeeGo.



MeeGo was essentially known as a mobile platform however it was really made to run multiple electronic products including handhelds, in vehicle products, tv sets and internet books. All of the products which MeeGo can run have a similar core however the interface is entirely different based on the device.

This Year Moorestown Pc Tablet was introduces at COMPUTEX Taipei that was additionally a MeeGo powered device.The majority of you’ll have heard the title Nokia N9, but you won’t be aware to the fact that this huge selling system is operating on MeeGo.



These ten aren’t the sole mobile os’s available, you will find tons many we will be seeing one by Opera mobile OS <Source> later on too. Opera, which once centered the web browser market, is within procedure for building their very own web OS for mobiles, so later on mobile OS market could easily get much more competitive.

For the time being, Android may be the obvious champion, however, when we take a look at profits and expansion, Apple is just about the greatest Tech company leaving Google fr behind to consume the dust.

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