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Try These Brilliant Ways to Arrange your Items Neatly in the Fridge

Written by Paula Findley

A refrigerator is commonly found in every house and is considered the most important household appliance. Refrigerator saves our lives in summer by providing cold water. When refrigerators were made, they were meant to keep things cool but we also started storing food to keep them fresh for long.

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Earlier, refrigerator was meant to keep things cold and fresh. However, with time, the basic need of refrigerator has changed. The standard design is – freezer on the top and compartment at the bottom. Today, there is tough competition among brands like Godrej, LG, Samsung, Videocon, IFB etc. So, latest technology is being incorporated every time in new models to attract more consumers. The compartments are rightly placed so that you need not bend every time to take out the vegetables.

However, people still face problem in keeping their things. Therefore, here is the simplest way of arranging things in your refrigerator –

  • Arrange food that doesn’t need cooking, at the top shelf, then arrange remaining items downwards depending on the temperature in which they need to stay, for example, milk and raw meat will stay at the bottom shelf.
  • Set one shelf with a box and mention on it ‘to be eaten first’, this way any leftover can be kept there and consumed first.
  • Keep a separate box for raw meat so that it doesn’t contaminate any of your fresh foods or vegetables. The container should be of plastic so that nothing drains out and spreads in the fridge.
  • If you want more room in your fridge then you can hang your small bottles in the refrigerator by sticking a magnet on the top. These magnets have industrial strength and are especially fixed on the bottle loft to make it easier for you to hang heavy bottles as well.
  • Light snacks and dry fruits can be filled in small containers and magnet disk can be pasted at the bottom. Then this container is fixed on the door at the empty and untouched space, this gives you ample space on shelf to keep other things.
  • You can buy lazy Susan and adjust mayo, ketchup, mustard etc. When you require one, you can spin the table and take it out, instead of hunting for it in the mess inside.
  • Divide your drawers to adjust things and pick small pouches that can be adjusted with clips.
  • The most important way of segregating things is by labelling every box and its contents in it. This way in case, you need anything you will not scramble everything but will simply pick the box that contains it.

There are endless ways in which you can organize your refrigerator. Think smartly and creatively, use old worn out items to make shelves and bring out space for items in a refrigerator.

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