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Video Games – The Larger Than Life Reality

Written by Umair

Movies are passé. The new trend clearly shows that video games are the most important mediums of entertainment and continue to grow stronger and bigger day by day. But what exactly is triggering the immense popularity of video games and how hard it is to ignore the addictive quality of these games? Well, the answer to the second question is never, and in finding out about the probable reasons of the popularity of these games, let us explore inside the genre.

The mode of story telling

A very important factor to consider beyond the popularity of video games is the narrative. Think of the stories. They present an array of characters starting from monsters, warriors, avatars and make the story as twisted as possible. For instance think about 4Force Online a popular action-packed combat game found in Andriod. This PVP battle game actually gives you a unique opportunity to hunt and fight like warriors and indulge in a complex hunting game in your mobile device. Unlike a movie which only entails sit and watch action, you can get psychologically involved within a game and in its many-layered complexities.

The rise of online games phenomenon

Although it may sound cliché, but the entire prospect of having an online game at your disposal has changed everything. In fact, online games are the quite popular these days. No longer, do you need to sit before a computer or a laptop to play a game. All you need to do is log in an online mode and start playing. Some of these games also have a multi-player option which means that you get to interact and play with different players from all over the world. You get to play a realtime battle game with various players. 4Force Online for instance, has grown quite popular because it allows the unique opportunity to the players to play the game, even when they are on move.

A great stress-busting engagement

Anyone will tell you that any kind of video game is a great stress-buster. Whether you are slaying dragons or killing monsters, video games are known to work as great psychological boosters. Every game reasserts the fact that every complex problem will have a solution. And if gamers take the role of solution-makers, the entire activity gives them a level of satisfaction. With every level, they feel more empowered, and attain a sense of achievement. Moreover playing with different gamers from around the world and winning a level also creates a sense of satisfaction which in turn helps them to be optimistic. In fact, studies have shown that most people who are good in games tend to be happy and free of stress.

The component of role-playing

 Games like 4Force Online actually help the players to take the role of an adventurer who will slay dragons, hunt and indulge in a battle game. The entire concept of role-playing is extremely important as this also enhances the confidence of a player. Moreover, the involvement of the characters with the storyline helps in an emotional attachment. This in turn makes the game addictive.

Video games allow players to have a taste of alternative reality; this reality allows players to achieve many things, which in turn helps in mood upliftment.

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