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The changes brought by the web in today’s era have altered the definition of entire workspaces. Who doesn’t use Slack, Trello, GitHub, Gmail, and Basecamp web applications  nowadays to get things done? All these popular services are webapps built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that run in your browser. What you probably didn’t know is how much effort goes into checking if these applications work well for all users. Web testing as well as software testing techniques are absolutely necessary to make such killer applications. There are many different browsers, many different platforms, many different mobiles and your app has to work everywhere correctly. It’s a mind blowingly difficult task as there are hundreds of combinations. For example, Internet Explorer 9, IE 10, IE 11, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, iOS, Linux, etc. If your application doesn’t work on some platform, you lose those customers. This is where Browserling comes to rescue.


Browserling provides world’s easiest to use cross-browser web testing tools. With Browserling you can get any browser on any platform in less than 5 seconds and immediately start testing in a live browser in your browser. That’s right – Browserling provides a browser in your browser without installation. You can just go to www.browserling.com and start testing.

For everyone new to web testing, we created a web testing checklistof most important points that play a vital role in testing any web application. Let’s have a look at them.

Functionality Testing

  • Check all links to avoid any dead pages and invalid redirects.
  • Check all forms fields with different inputs.
  • Disable cookies and see if the website still works.
  • HTML/CSS validation for search engines.
  • Check on the flow of work and data integrity.

Usability Testing

  • Test drive website’s navigation, sitemaps, menusto to check clarity, purpose, and consistency.
  • Test readability,understandability of text and error free grammar content. Use grammar checking tools to make sure there are no mistakes.
  • Test user-friendly navigation and social share buttons, such as search options, links to similar pages, tweet buttons and facebook share buttons.

Internet Explorer and Edge Browser Testing

Internet Explorer is a beast browser that works completely differently than any other browser. With Browserling you can easily perform Internet Explorer testingand Edge testing to make sure the website works in all browsers. Correctly. The checklist includes:

  • Internet Explorer 6 testing.
  • Internet Explorer 7 testing.
  • Internet Explorer 8 testing.
  • Internet Explorer 9 testing
  • Internet Explorer 10 testing.
  • Internet Explorer 11 testing.
  • Edge browser testing.

Internet Explorer traffic makes up more than 25% of all web traffic and ignoring IE testing can have serious financial consequences if you’re an Internet business.

Interface Testing

Your website’s interface and web design has to be consistent in all web browsers. You need to make sure you open every browser on every platform and perform a quick cross-browser interface testing.A check on the interface is necessary to prevent possible layourerrors and workflow processes.

Responsive Web Testing

Testing web design’s responsiveness is another essential web testing checklist item. Responsive testing is a method aimed at testing website’s viewing experience on different screen sizes, from mobile, to tablet, to computer monitors. Every screen is different and a good website should responsively resize depending on screen size.

Compatibility Testing

A website or webappcompatible with most popular browsers, platforms and mobiles is a very important aspect of testing. There are few tests that must be selectively executed according to the need.

Browser Compatibility

  • Some of the websites and pages are completely browser dependent. In such cases, a cross-browser testing is essential to check compatibility on various web browsers.

Platform/OS Compatibility

  • There are chances that the application uses of graphic technologies, networking technologies, and different APIs that might be not available in some operating system platforms. Hence, an OS compatibility check is required to see how application performs with all operating systems.

Mobile Browsing Compatibility

  • The most popular platform soon is going to be mobile. Today as well as in future, mobile browsing is very popular and is starting to match existing web standards. Mobile compatibility testing in Android, iOS and Windows Mobile is necessary and if your application works on all three, your application is ready for real world usage.

Performance Testing

Web performance testing is necessary to check applications functionality in stressful conditions. This testing is majorly done to check out these two factors:

Web load testing

It is a very common situation that hundreds or thousands of users might access the same site or page at the same time. An application check to see if it can sustain peak loads at any time is an essential test to carry out.

Web stress testing

Web stressing test is generally performed to check the behavior of the site when users randomly come to site, not all at once but in batches and perform random actions users usually don’t do. This is stress testing and it shows how a websiteoperates in stressful situations.

Security Testing

Security testing is last in our checklist as it has to be performed by security professionals. If a security test is not performed, data theft and unauthorized access may occur. All web develops face the following common security issues. There are only a few tools to ensure the safety of your data and inhibit any unwanted entities.

  • Perform input fuzzying to forms and URLs.
  • Use SSL for increased security and encryption between your website and browser.
  • Check folders for backup files and temporary web source files.
  • Disable access to private folders and library directories.
  • Perform CAPTCHA testing to make sure spammers don’t attack your site.
  • Test session token usage to prevent CSRF attacks.
  • Test webserver error logging, monitoring and alerting.

Web testing is as important as the application itself. Browserling provides you with tools to perform all tasks in web testing checklist. What separates Browserling from competitors is how fast you can do the tests. The above-discussed checkpoints for any application testing are addressed in techniques offers by Browserling, which is loved by community and is used by tens of thousands of users.

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