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What Are The Exceptional Features of Skill Discovery App Felp?

Written by Umair

Searching for a skilful worker is not an easy task. There are millions of people out there who guarantee to be the best match for your job, yet the idea is to discover the best amongst the best. If you are in the search of such a talent that delivers combination of quality, skill and expertise then look no further than Felp. With this extraordinary application, you can find your ideal worker right from your very social networking contact list in no time.

Basically, this app makes use of the connection that you already have for establishing strong and profound professional relations. For instance, you are working on a theatre project but are unable to explore the best actor for the role of protagonist. Here, if you have Felp in your phone then all you need to do is log in to your account and then hire talented actors, who are apparently your close friends, colleagues or people you have met before. This saves you from the misery of auditioning a plethora of actors.

The 4 Spectacular Features of Felp

Flep-appThere are four spectacular features of Felp that you should know before using it and they are

  • Absolutely Free: Felp is 100% free app that supports major iOS medias. The app is developed by Ziad Ghosn and can be easily downloaded at certified portals. Almost every service that you are going to find in this application is free for the user.
  • Easy to Use: Felp is extremely user friendly app, where proper navigation is provided at every step right from installation till its usage. This assistance helps you to use the app in an effective manner and make the most of it.
  • Enlist Your Skills: Felp is not only about finding skills and talents in your social network linked connections but it’s even a medium to showcase the talent and potentials that you hold along with your level of expertise. Though this, the people in your connections would be aware of your skill and thus approach your for help whenever they need you.
  • Go Private: There are times when you need to take a break from your professional life, and this fact is very well understood by the app. This is why it comes with a private feature where your profile goes private and no one would be able to send you job requests until and unless you are ready for it.

Comfort of Working in Social Circles Through Felp

It’s a common fact that people feel comfortable working with the individuals who are part of their social connections rather than unknown or strangers whom they have never met before. So, Felp provides you the liberty of not only working in the comfort of your social network but at the same time an opportunity to be recognized too via the skills, talent and potentials that you have unlocked within you.

Start using Felp to find skills and talent in your social network and you will never be disappointed ever again!

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