Which Types of Websites are Perfect for Established Companies?

Written by Umair

If you are a company that has been around for quite a while and has grown in size substantially the likelihood is that at some point you will be and definitely should be proactively looking for a brand new website or a revamp of an older version. Keeping your online presence up to date, sharp looking and relevant for your customers is something that many slip out of the habit of doing and it can actually be devastating in terms of getting in repeat business or new customers as well.

Consumers want up to date, relevant and snazzy websites to entice them into buying products otherwise there is little to no point in even attempting to sell them anything as the online community is where most sales and inquiries will come in from and not having anything relevant online is literally devastating to your efforts to increase your profits and revenue streams. This sort of thing has to be amended as soon as possible if you want to remain an established and growing company.

Show Your Customers What You’ve Got for Them

website_redesignThe kind of sites that you may see for established companies that are pre-existing and were probably used in the early stages of development would be static sites. These websites are usually quite simplistic, stem from around 4-5 pages on a homepage and cost very little to produce compared to other options to produce. This particular type of website cannot be edited and remains exactly the same for the customers, as well as being a first ditch effort at showing your customers that you have something online.

These sites are actually really efficient for some companies at some stages in their life cycle, as pubs and historical sites don’t really need to be changed much since the facts are already there. There is also a lesser need for extended interactions with clients as generally everything that they need will be found on this static site. However, for larger businesses that want to bring in a lot of business and give their customers a more interactive experience this just isn’t a possible solution.

Content Managed Site

wordpress-themes-gold-coast-featureThe next step up from a static site is a content managed site. If you are not planning to sell anything online and wish to draw customers in to your stores by showcasing things here with a lot of interaction and constant updates then a content managed site is actually very good for you. An example of a company that is efficient with a content managed site would be McDonalds, as they obviously do not sell fast food online but still use the site as a marketing frontier.

Finally, what you are most likely looking for to get online sales up and really push your company to a new level is an online e-commerce store. These sites can be edited in the same way that content managed sites can and so you can have a constantly updated store with new products, special offers and changing prices when appropriate. Companies such as www.discountdomainsuk.com can help you in this regard as they are perfect for discount domains web development to take your established company to the next level.

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