Will Google Pixel 2 Make its Fan Happy?

Written by Umair

The question here arising is that Will Google Pixel 2 be able to make its fan happy? Let’s figure out this by looking closely at Pixel 2. We can understand this smartphone by considering success of Google Pixel and Pixel XL because to some extent they gained interest of the audience, but disappointed them with their price.

Pixel – this is that the only smart phones, which is available for Android 7.1 Nougat. The operating system, getting rid of unnecessary programs and interface add-on smartphones Pixel complement some exclusive features and benefits: custom launcher with rounded icons, a new application menu that opens swipe from the bottom up, as well as chat and phone support service, which is built right into the “Settings”.

Clicking on the button with the letter G, you can open the line for Internet search, and if you pull the key from left to right, you can call the “smart” Google Now assistant. In addition, each customer receives unlimited Pixel in the “cloud” for storage of photos and videos taken with the smartphone.

In version 7.1 the most changes are not so much. Main: the ability to send images and “SIFCO” directly from the keyboard, support for night mode (Night Mode), which reduces the intensity of the blue emission and facilitates the process of going to sleep, as well as fast actions that appear when you long press on the app icon (as 3D Touch in iOS 9).

According to Ron Amadeo of Ars Technica, Pixel integration solves many of the problems inherent in other Android-devices, including the fragmentation of versions and non-guaranteed OS updates. And because the Pixel – Google is an independent product, the company guarantees prompt newsletter update and no unnecessary software, installation is often guilty of telecom operators and manufacturers.

Pixel is in many ways similar to the iPhone, but the main advantage of the product before Apple gives him the presence of Google Assistant – new intelligent assistant. To access it, you need to press the “Home” or say out loud, “Okay Google”. “Assistant” is able to work with any of Google’s online services: from the search engine and Gmail, calendar. The more often a user accesses his service, the smarter it becomes assistant.

These are the fewest features that we discussed here about Pixel, Pixel 2 would also have Android Nougat, but it could be updated to some other version which is not confirmed by Google yet. Keep visiting us for more about Google Pixel 2.

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